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The NICEIC will provide information for you as a home owner, about electrical installations as well as the reason for choosing an approved domestic installer to carry out work.
See Hi-spec Electrics on the NICEIC website.

Earthing & Bonding
Earthing and bonding are often listed when electrical works are completed – but what does it really mean. This leaflet will help you to find out what it is, and why it is so important to do.

Earthing and bonding factsheet.

Electrical Safety Council
‘So you think your home is safe?’ is a leaflet from the electrical safety council. It is a useful overview of the electrics in your home.
Visit the leaflet online.


Below are some links to products and suppliers which Hi-Spec Electrics utilise:



GET – includes data and cables

Big white lighting/Top light


The lighting centre

Focus SB


Vent axia




Below are some links to other companies and contractors that Hi-Spec Electrics use for specialist works. There are also some links to other companies that Hi-Spec Electrics work for on a regular basis.

Martin & Co.

Viewtopia Systems

GAM Taylor Michael Connolly Architects

Guildford Flames Logo Hi-Spec Electrics are corporate sponsors to the Guildford Flames. Corporate sponsorship gives Hi-Spec Electrics the opportunity to give something back to the local community, and support sport in the area. The local ice-hockey team’s website can be found here.

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NICEIC Domestic Installer

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